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Pros’ Guide to Bathroom Renovation Tips & Ideas

Are you dreaming of remodelling a bathroom with a spa-like experience? RenoDuck makes it easier than ever before to plan, design and build the perfect bathroom for you and your family. Working with any budget and any desired aesthetic choices, our team of expert bathroom contractors is standing by to consult you every step of the way. But before you start dreaming big, take some time to review RenoDuck’s ultimate guide to renovating a bathroom including bathroom renovation tips, bathroom renovation ideas, and how to renovate a bathroom on a budget. Get excited for the process to begin.

Create a Detailed Layout for Your Bathroom Renovation

Before construction begins, heed these bathroom remodeling tips. In the beginning, you need to take the time to create a comprehensive and thoughtful layout plan for your dream bathroom. The first step is to measure your dimensions including square footage on floors and walls, as well as ceiling height. Then, make note of existing electrical and plumbing lines and fixtures.

Try to visualize yourself in your new bathroom to ensure that the shower, vanity, and storage units are situated in the right locations to maximize comfort and efficiency. Using simple graph paper and pencil or more advanced design software can help you achieve these tasks.

Optimize Function and Flow

When renovating a bathroom, function, and flow are so important to the overall bathroom experience. Make sure your fixtures are easily accessible and your family can all use the bathroom in harmony! You will need to ensure there is more than enough counter space or tasks and storage.

Consider custom storage solutions including cabinets and recessed shelving to optimize your use of the space. And don’t forget the lighting, utilizing a combination of artificial and natural light to enhance your daily wellness routine.

Choosing Durable and Moisture-Resistant Materials

Wondering how to remodel a bathroom? Every bathroom is always under constant attack by moisture, and that’s why it’s important to use moisture-resistant materials, including drywall and flooring, that are engineered to survive many years in a consistently wet and humid environment.

Although laminate is a fine option for flooring, ceramic or porcelain tiles are good for floors and walls. For paint selection, pick at least a semi-gloss to defend from moisture and it will also be easier to clean. By taking the time to pick the proper materials for your bathroom, you’ll guarantee a good-looking space that will last for years to come.

Lighting Matters: Enhancing Ambiance and Functionality in Your Bathroom

Lighting is so essential to an enjoyable bathroom experience. During bathroom renovations, consider how much natural light you can let into the space through skylights or windows. From there, you can determine lighting needs for ambient and task lighting, including pot lights, pendant lights, vanity lights, and more.

It’s good to have multiple layers of lighting, especially on dimmer switches, so you have total control of the bathroom atmosphere. Proper lighting ensures maximum comfort and functionality. Using all LED bulbs means you’ll be helping the environment and shaving your monthly electricity bill.

beautiful bathroom renovation with large floating vanity and shower space and flooring
high end bathroom storage vanity with mirror and toilet

Maximize storage

Think hard about all of your bathroom essentials and how often you need to access various products or tools. Vertical space is your friend when it comes to bathroom renovations. Recessed shelves, floating shelves, and tall cabinets can do wonders for keeping your space decluttered and organized.

Baskets and roll-out trays under your vanity, or towel racks can be small ways to make your bathroom feel bigger. Use every inch you can to store toiletries, linens, towels, and more.

Preselect Fixtures for Your Bathroom Remodel

Not to be underestimated, picking your fixtures before bathroom design begins is important as these elements should influence or draw inspiration from other design elements in your bathroom space. Whether you go traditional or modern, seek out brands with good reputations for quality and durability. For toilets, pick one that suits your needs and consider low-flow to help the environment and save on your water bill.

For showers, create the ultimate shower experience by doing your research about shower heads and picking one with optimal flow and pressure that matches your desires. By doing your homework ahead of your bathroom renovation, you can ensure that the entire bathroom will have a classy and cohesive appearance.

multi-functional shower faucets

Hiring Professional Bathroom Renovators for Plumbing and Electrical Work

While much of a bathroom renovation can be possible with DIY projects and a little know-how, there are some aspects of a bathroom renovation that should always be left to the professionals, and that includes electrical and plumbing.

Messing with these systems without proper knowledge and training could lead to serious home damage or even injury to the home’s occupants. Professionals have the experience and wisdom to get changes done without severely destroying existing drywall. They also know how to get creative to get the exact changes done that you desire.

Assessing existing plumbing infrastructure to minimize costs

When starting a bathroom renovation, identify existing plumbing and electrical lines. Determine if anything needs to be repaired, upgraded, or moved around. Do yourself a favour and hire a professional to take care of plumbing and electrical to make the renovation process as smooth as possible.

Note that if plumbing and electrical are going to be big components of your bathroom renovation, be sure to allocate a proper portion of your renovation budget to these elements of the design process.

Prioritizing Your Must-Haves Before the Bathroom Reno Starts

It’s essential to make a list of your bathroom renovation priorities and this will help you when making your budget. Your priorities get budget space first, and then the rest of your budget can be allocated to other things. If you’ve run out of money, you’ll have to shave funds from other elements of the design.

But when you work with a bathroom company like RenoDuck, we help you every step of the way and help you achieve whatever you want to accomplish based on your existing budget. If you don’t make your priorities a priority, you’ll regret it in the long run, because of course, you only want to start renovations once!


Still, have questions about how to remodel a bathroom? The team at RenoDuck is experienced, certified, licensed, and insured to carry out first-rate renovations with unparalleled customer service. Contact us now to book your free consultation.

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