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Modern Bathroom Designs

Choosing a minimal but modern design for the bathroom is becoming an increasingly popular trend among homeowners. Modern bathroom designs are typically characterized by neutral colour palettes, clean lines and the use of organic materials. At RenoDuck Bathrooms, we have worked with many different clients to make their vision of a modern bathroom come true. From installing frameless glass enclosures to matching shower fixtures and accessories, our team can effortlessly elevate the style of your bathroom. 

In this blog, our team of professionals have accumulated the top modern bathroom designs that we recommend using for your next bathroom remodel or renovation.

Create a Timeless Design with Marble Tiles 

Marble is a classic and elegant choice for your bathroom tiles. Our modern bathroom design incorporated large 12 x 24 Statuario marble-looking shower wall tiles to create the illusion of a bigger space.

The addition of chrome finishes and a square-shaped shower drain also helped to create a minimal but modern bathroom style.

Large Wall Tiles Gives the Illusion of Added Space

A newer trend emerging in modern shower design is using a combination of large tiles on the shower walls and on the floor. This gives the illusion of a larger, more luxurious bathroom especially with the fewer amount of grout lines.

With our bathroom design, we installed large porcelain tiles on the shower walls and on the floor to make the space appear bigger than it is. We also added a number of exclusive features to brighten up the space like a backlit vanity and a number of pot lights.

Install Matching Fixtures and Hardware

A simple way to modernize your bathroom is by ensuring that all your fixtures and hardware match. As you can see in our contemporary bathroom renovation, we included matching fixtures, mirror, hardware and black tub filler to create a more cohesive look.

We incorporate more traditional textures that compliment the modern bathroom style to provide a more “home comfort” atmosphere.

Create a Striking Design With Geometric tiles

Geometric tiles add the perfect amount of contrast to your modern bathroom design. In our condo bathroom makeover, we installed a pattern of geometric tiles across from the larger tiles in the glass shower to make this space unique and modern.

There are many other elements that help to modernize this space like the LED vanity mirror, matching door handles and hardware, and using black as a contrast in the cabinetry and light switch.

marble tiled bathroom wall with glass two fold door and wall mounted shower heads

Incorporate Classic Shaker Doors

Shaker doors are a classic element that is growing in popularity among modern bathroom makeovers.

In our walk-in shower renovation, we installed beautiful shaker doors on the cabinets to compliment the rest of the modern features like the all white vanity countertop, shower walls, and statuario quartz.

Bright Lighting Options

A modern bathroom isn’t complete without a sleek new set of pot lights. Pot lights are an excellent addition to a modern bathroom because it doesn’t take up any space, it distributes light evenly and it has a sleek and minimalist design.

When we transformed this basement bathroom, we installed a series of pot lights to illuminate the room and a backlit vanity to bring the entire look together.

Light Up Your Space With Backlit Vanities

A backlit vanity is the perfect addition to any modern bathroom.

In this stunning basement bathroom transformation, our team was able to incorporate the perfect modern bathroom vanity to give the room a soft and relaxing glow.

Enhance Your Modern Bathroom With Shower Jets

Take your modern shower design to the next level by installing state-of-the-art shower jets. We kept a cohesive and modern look in this basement bathroom project by installing shower jets that match the same sleek design as the rest of the accessories and hardware.

Shower jets also promotes better relaxation while improving the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Install a Frameless Glass Enclosure

A frameless glass enclosure is a staple among modern bathroom design. Modern interior design is all about minimalism and clean lines.

As you can see in this renovation project, we achieved just that with our seamless glass enclosure which instantly elevates the aesthetic of this room.

Ensure Matching Shower Fixtures

 Achieve a sleek and sophisticated look with matching shower fixtures in your modern bathroom.

In this breathtaking basement bathroom project, we made sure that all the shower fixtures, door hardware, and hinges were in the same matte black color.

Single Hole Faucets Are Sleek and Sophisticated

Incorporating single-hole faucets is one of the key features of a modern and minimal bathroom.

Our team brainstormed many modern bathroom sink ideas, but chose the single hole faucet to achieve a simple but timeless look.

Consider One Piece Modern Toilets

A one piece modern toilet is the perfect addition for a seamless bathroom design.

With our modern toilet design, there are no crevices between the bowl and tank which makes it easier to clean and it works well with the overall sleek design of the space.

Out with the Old Tub 

Replace your old bathtub with a free-standing spa tub to give your room a chic and modern feel. A freestanding tub is an accessible option for homeowners and it offers a relaxing, spa-like experience too.

In our modern shower renovation, we upgraded this bathtub to a free-standing spa tub with a glass enclosure to give it an open yet sophisticated look. 

Make it Modern but Make it Comfortable 

No matter what modern design you prefer, RenoDuck Bathrooms can help you achieve the perfect look for your bathroom. We are the experts in bathroom renovation and remodeling services in Toronto and the GTA.

Our team offers a multitude of services including bathroom renovations, basement bathroom renovations, tub-to-shower conversions, accessible bathroom renovations, and more. We are also happy to provide a 2-year workmanship guarantee with every project we complete.

Contact RenoDuck Bathrooms today for a free quote or to learn more about our exceptional services!

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