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beautiful bathroom renovation with large floating vanity and shower space and flooring

Modern Bathroom Designs

Choosing a minimal but modern design for the bathroom is becoming an increasingly popular trend among homeowners. Modern bathroom designs are typically characterized by neutral colour palettes, clean lines and the use of organic materials. At RenoDuck Bathrooms, we have worked with many different clients to make their vision of a modern bathroom come true. …

Affordable Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Beautiful small bathroom renovations are possible, even if you’re on a tight budget. Turn to social media for inspiration, and then use DIY hacks to recreate surfaces, textures and colour schemes. With today’s access to online community marketplaces and tutorials, it’s never been easier to tackle that bathroom remodelling project on your own. In this …

Pros’ Guide to Bathroom Renovation Tips & Ideas

Are you dreaming of remodelling a bathroom with a spa-like experience? RenoDuck makes it easier than ever before to plan, design and build the perfect bathroom for you and your family. Working with any budget and any desired aesthetic choices, our team of expert bathroom contractors is standing by to consult you every step of …

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