We offer an extensive list of North York bathroom renovation services designed to help residents in the GTA improve the functionality and style of their bathroom. RenoDuck Bathrooms uses only the highest quality materials and everything we do is done in-house to save you time and money.

North York Bathroom Renovations You Need

Bathroom renovations can vary in scope, size, and complexity depending on your goals for the project. For that reason, we offer the widest selection of bathroom renovations in North York including:

Bathroom Renovation

This can include new flooring, framing, drywall, electrical and plumbing, trim, insulation, painting and more.

The team at RenoDuck ” Bathrooms will handle the planning, acquisition of materials, scheduled labour, construction, and cleanup.

corner shower unit with free standing bathtub

Basement Bathroom Renovation

North York homeowners opt for this change to use more of their home efficiently. It’s also an appeal for prospective buyers that can typically lead to increasing the value of the home.

New drainage lines, water lines, and electrical connections are common in basement “bathroom renovations in North York, and we will seek out building permits to renovate according to code.

Tub-To-Shower Conversion

This is the process of renovating your current bathtub into a freestanding shower system. This conversion can streamline your bathroom with a more advanced, modern, tub-free design, but also will open up the floor space by creating the illusion of a larger room.

For these reasons, it’s a popular home improvement upgrade amongst condo owners in North York.

Condo Bathroom Renovations

In addition to the normal procedures of renovating a bathroom, condo bathroom renovations require the compliance of building regulations, acquiring special permits, and understanding the rules of a condo board. The timing, availability, and accessibility also differ between condos because of elevators, acceptable hours of operation, parking spots, hallways, and other factors that we acknowledge when undergoing condo bathroom renovations.

Accessible Bathroom Renovations

The key features our team will consider are grab bars, raised toilet seats, widening the door, accessible vanities, more drawers and storage space, and installing a wheelchair-accessible shower.

The emphasis of creating an accessible bathroom through renovating is to make the room more user-friendly and functional for those with mobility issues or disabilities.

Powder Room Renovation

Our bathroom contractors in North York can add: art pieces to the walls, update the mirror or bathroom hardware, add trim to the windows, install a new light fixture, or add decorative shelves.

brown and white themed laundry room with storage cabinets and shelves

Laundry Room Renovation

Here you can update the flooring with tile, wood, or vinyl, apply a fresh coat of paint with light or pastel colours, install shelves or cabinets, and/or consider new lightings such as a lamp shade, a modern chandelier, or bulbs.

Walk-In Shower Renovation

These showers have a very low curb and can potentially have no curb at all, making it safer and easier to step in and out.

Our walk-in shower renovations are highly customizable and can include glass walls, luxury shower heads, tilework or stone, or no walls at all.

The RenoDuck Advantage

Improved Energy Efficiency: We install low-energy lighting and exhaust fans, improve the insulation in the walls and ceiling.

You also have the option of replacing old windows with more energy-efficient windows, and insulate the hot and cold-water pipes. This what we do to help you cut down on your monthly utility bills.

Improved Safety: We can install a walk-in shower and add grab bars next to the showers for safety. When it comes to safety, you’ll get proper lighting and we make sure place electrical outlets are away from water.

We ensure all surfaces are skid-proof, install an adjustable or handheld shower head, and set your hot water tank to a reasonable temperature.

Modern Design: You’ll get features that complement each other and use colour-coded accessories for the bathroom.

Our designers will ensure our bathroom renovations in North York do not contradict the rest of your home’s décor and design.

Increased Functionality: If you’re looking for a more suitable bathroom layout to accommodate your needs and preferences, we can increase functionality to maximize comfort and efficiency.

By installing custom fixtures and upgrading the essentials, we can increase square footage and get more storage space.

modern free standing bathtub with marble counter top and vanity with black faucets

What You Can Expect with Our Bathroom Contractors in North York

RenoDuck Bathrooms is committed to transforming bathrooms across North York into more functional spaces that look aesthetically pleasing to blend effortlessly into your home’s design. Our bathroom contractors in North York are fully licensed, trained, and insured on the latest techniques and strategies to build your dream bathroom using the finest materials and outstanding craftsmanship.

You’ll get competitive pricing and flexible payment options so quality bathroom renovations are made affordable for you. Moreover, we provide a personable customer service experience so you are kept in-the-know every step of the way and can follow along communicating with our project managers giving your feedback throughout.

The RenoDuck North York Bathroom Renovations Process

This step includes developing a floor plan, applying for building permits, scheduling, and other aspects of analyzing your space.

We provide 3D drawings so you can see what your design concepts will look like before we renovate. You can also see what different colour schemes will look best for your basement renovation in North York.

Depending on the type of flooring, lighting, cabinets, and other specialty fixtures, the most suitable material will vary. At this stage you can select the finishes from our catalog including natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, tile, wood, and so many more.

North York bathroom renovations costs fluctuate based on a variety of factors such as your choice of materials, square footage, the scope of the work and the complexity of the project. For more information, check out our pricing breakdown.

This includes everything from major structural changes such as removing walls, altering the ceiling or roof, or bumping out an exterior wall, to handling plumbing and electrical, to tiling, plastering, and painting, to installing fixtures such as showers, mirrors, and vanities, to waste disposal.

Now that your bathroom renovation is complete, you can indulge in your newly remodeled space.

contemporary bathroom renovation with two round wall mirror and large vanity and bathtub

Let’s Start Your Bathroom Renovation in North York

For all your bathroom renovations in North York and the GTA, choose RenoDuck Bathrooms. As winners of HomeStars’ “Best of” award for the last 5 years and counting, we are recognized as the leading bathroom renovation company near you. Our experienced team of in-house professionals handle every aspect of our projects and are dedicated to fulfilling customer satisfaction to 100%. We beat competitor quotes by up to 5% so contact us today for your free consultation or to learn more about how RenoDuck Bathrooms can be of service to you.

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