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The RenoDuck Bathrooms team has vast experience in turning ordinary bathrooms into accessible bathrooms. By focusing on some key areas and features, we can turn your bathroom into one that is convenient for everyone. As experts in the field, RenoDuck Bathrooms is the team to hire.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Reno Features

When making a bathroom more wheelchair accessible, one of the main priorities is making the room as spacious as possible to accommodate a wheelchair. This involves expanding doorways, incorporating storage that can be easily accessed, and wider countertops that are positioned low enough to be easily accessible.

We also recommend the removal of bathroom mats so that wheels do not get caught on mats and create mobility issues. Creating a barrier-free shower is another feature to consider so that an individual in a wheelchair can easily move from the shower to their wheelchair without having to worry about a barrier.

Good lighting is critical and promotes bathroom safety, particularly when considering someone in a wheelchair. Utilize lighting options that evenly spreads the light throughout your bathroom without casting large shadows in the room. Also, consider installing light switches at a lower position on the wall so that someone in a wheelchair is able to turn the lights on and off with ease.

modern marble tiled shower wall with vessel basin style countertop

Barrier-Free Bathroom Reno Process

A barrier-free shower is one that is level with the floor and does not have a barrier that you need to step over to get into the shower. This accessible bathroom renovation in Toronto is designed to allow the water to drain easily. This barrier-free design allows for continuity when it comes to your bathroom flooring and gives a more spacious feel to your bathroom.

At RenoDuck Bathrooms, our focus is creating bathroom spaces that provide optimum comfort and safety. We explore the possibilities with you to determine what design works best for your bathroom. For further comfort and safety, we also adhere to the rules; you can see them here.

Our installation process is quick because barrier-free showers that have a linear shower drain against the wall only require one-sided sloping, saving you valuable time.

What You Can Expect

Our team at RenoDuck Bathrooms specializes in tub-to-shower conversions that are designed to perfection. Our goal is to make your bathroom accessible so that you never have to worry about accessibility issues.

We firmly believe that a bathroom should be designed with everyone’s needs in mind. Trust our team at RenoDuck Bathrooms to make your bathroom accessible.

natural marble tiled bathroom walls with flooring and vessel counter top with floating vanity

Choose RenoDuck Bathrooms for Your Accessible Bathroom Renovation

RenoDuck Bathrooms is dedicated to providing outstanding bathroom renovation services in Toronto. We pride ourselves in our integrity, honest work, and transparent pricing. We let you know what to expect upfront so you can make the best choice for your bathroom.

As a testament to our diligence and care, we’ve been able to continue to expand our business across the region because our clients recognize the value we bring to the industry. We lead with clear communication and utilize the latest technologies and techniques to conduct lasting bathroom renovations. The difference is clear. Count on our team at RenoDuck Bathrooms to create your wheelchair-accessible bathroom. Call us today to book your appointment for a free estimate!

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